Marlborough Badminton Club


We are a competitive but social Badminton Club and have a thriving Junior Section. Players of all levels are welcome to visit and join in. Visitors to the Club are to be charged £6 per evening although guests have a maximum of 6 visits before they need to join the Club - due to Badminton England Insurance - and previous visitor fees can be taken into account when joining.

During the Winter Season we enter three Mens teams, two Ladies team and three Mixed teams into the Banbury District Badminton League, as well as three mixed teams in the Banbury Town Badminton League Knockout Cup. For those players playing in matches a fee of £5 per match - home and away - is required to cover additional costs.

Adult Members Fee (From January to end August)

  • FULL ADULT MEMBER: Registration* £30 plus £140 FULL Membership TOTAL £170 or
  • ADULT 'PAY AS YOU GO': Annual Registration* £30 (payable of September 1st) plus £6 per week

Junior Members - U19 as of January 1st (From January to end August)

  • FULL JUNIOR MEMBER: Registration* FREE plus £140 FULL Membership TOTAL £140 or
  • JUNIOR 'PAY AS YOU GO': Annual Registration* FREE plus £6 per week

FULL Membership from January should be up to 33 Thursday Club Nights until the end of August - (occasionally the hall is used by the school including Exams).


Cheques should be made payable to 'Marlborough Badminton Club' and should be presented to the Club Treasurer.

The above covers Court and Shuttle costs and Affiliation Fees* to BADMINTON England, Oxfordshire County Badminton Association and Banbury District Badminton League.